Maintaining Sanity During Covid-19...
keep your brain active with a puzzle or two!

It's a mad world! To try to preserve your sanity, do the odd puzzle... Here are a few odd puzzles!

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It's been a lot of fun! These puzzles were intended as some lockdown entertainment. In the absence of demand for more, those shown here are from 29th August. The answers to those from the last six weeks can be found from the link above.
(If you want the earlier ones, ask me and I'll show you how to get to them.)

Making Words

Cryptic Crossword * (prize)

Finding occupations

Brain Teaser - see just below

If you prefer sudokus etc, click here

Brain Teaser

In the diagram, can you move eight matches to ask for help?

Prize Competition

The first correct entry drawn after the deadline will receive a prize of a 5 voucher for the shop. To enter, just attach your completed crossword to an e-mail. Note: the easiest way is to download the crossword file and print it. (You'll probably need to click on 'Enable Editing') After it's complete, just scan it back in and attach it to your e-mail. (Alternatively, if that's all too much, hand in a paper copy to the shop, including your name and contact details.)

Entries closed at noon each Saturday - now closed! :-)

Puzzles were updated each weekend, from the start of April until the start of September, 2020.
We hope you enjoyed them.

An archive of former puzzles, together with the answers, is available here.

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